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HONOR METAL Successfully Delivers Copper Rod Continuous Casting and Rolling (CCR) Line to Malaysia


HONOR METAL has announced the delivery of Copper Rod Continuous Casting and Rolling Line production lines in Malaysia. With the goal of helping our customers produce 8mm low-oxygen copper rods.


The development of this new production line has been a long and difficult journey due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, after 4 years of hard work, HONOR METAL has successfully delivered the production line, leading to a successful cooperation with our Malaysian customers. Now we are going to help our customer complete the installation and commissioning of the production line.



The Copper Rod Continuous Casting and Rolling Line is designed to use scrap copper as raw material, utilizing casting and rolling processes to produce high-quality 8mm copper rods. This new production line is the result of HONOR METAL's absorption of advanced production technology from the American Southern Wire Company and the German SMS-Meier Company.

Main technical parameters

Diameter of rod:




Weight of coil:


Overall dimension of plant:


Weight of plant:


Total power of plant:

560KW (not including melting furnace)

One of the key features of this new production line is its simple structure, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, and excellent quality of copper rods. This makes it a superior alternative to inefficient upper-lead copper rod continuous casting units and traditional 12-stand continuous casting and rolling mills.

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