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An Copper Rod CCR Line Order from Malaysia


HONOR METAL just achieved an order with MIM, from Malaysia, about a copper rod continuous casting and rolling line with 2 sets of 60 metric tonne capacity per day for each stationary reverberatory furnace to produce 8mm bright copper rods. As a matter of fact, this is the first cooperating case between us. This new case and new market shows our technical strength in rod casting industry. The technological know-how of our specialists and the on-site visit are the decisive factors for this copper rod CCR order.

After the final production, this copper rod CCR production line will be installed at Kuala Lumpur city in Malaysia. This high capacity copper rod CCR line is designed for the production of up to 60 tons for each stationary reverberatory furnace per day. The annual output of this copper rod CCR line is about 44,000 tons. Scrap copper serves as starting raw material for the production of copper conductors for the wire and cable industry.

The reverberatory furnace is composed of

-- Steel structure

-- Refractory material

-- Furnace door and transmission equipment

-- Gas burner

-- Air supply system

-- Electronic control system

For the reverberatory furnace, we employs the state-of-the-art technologies, for example the combustion components including a burner and an air supply. The above components enhance the combustion efficiency and we use a burner mixed swirling type especially for natural gas.


In addition to the reverberatory furnace, an improved design and manufacture which absorbs the advanced production technology of the American Southern Wire Company and the German SMS-Meier Company is employed on the copper rod CCR line. This state-of-the-art technology has the characteristics of simple structure, high production efficiency, low energy consumption and excellent quality of copper rods, instead of inefficient upper-lead copper rod continuous casting unit and traditional 12-stand continuous casting and rolling mill.


Copper Rod Continuous Casting and Rolling Line

Here is the brief process flow:

Scrap Copper→Melting and refining in Reverberatory Furnace→Launder to protect molten copper→Ladle→continuous casting and rolling production line

The HONOR METAL copper rod CCR line is scheduled to go on stream in 2021.

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