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Honor Metal Assists Malaysian Client in Successful Installation and Commissioning of Copper Rod Continuous Casting and Rolling Production Line


Leading copper rod machinery manufacturer, HONOR METAL, has recently completed a successful installation and commissioning process for a copper rod continuous casting and rolling (CCR) production line in Malaysia. The project, which included the construction of two reverberatory furnaces, aims to produce high-quality 8mm low oxygen copper rod with an impressive annual output value of 100,000 tons.

In order to help our customer finish the construction fast, HONOR METAL deployed a dedicated team of engineers to the site in Malaysia, providing crucial assistance throughout the installation phase.

Upon their arrival on April 7th, HONOR METAL's experienced engineers thoroughly assessed the factory conditions and promptly submitted a comprehensive list of required tools, specifications, quantities of inclined iron and iron gaskets, as well as the necessary workforce requirements. This enabled efficient coordination between the engineers and the factory, streamlining the construction process.


The construction workers officially commenced their tasks on April 10th, with simultaneous construction of the two reverberatory furnaces. Key milestones included the laying of the furnace bottoms, installation of bottom tie rods, and placement of the surrounding furnace pillars. The meticulous construction process involved intricate tasks such as measuring the CCR central line, preparing the bottom steel plate, and carefully moving the traction wheel of the casting machine into the casting machine pit using a crane.


From April 17th to April 20th, significant progress was made as the first furnace underwent the installation of a nylon insulation layer and firebrick, while the second furnace saw the completion of the vertical outer steel frame and subsequent fixing. The hoisting of the outer steel plate was also successfully accomplished during this period.


The next phase, spanning April 25th to April 30th, involved laying refractory bricks at the bottom of both furnaces, smoothing the refractory mud, and placing magnesium bricks on the furnace's bottom and external walls. The crane was utilized to hoist the casting machine and rolling mill into their designated positions, while the continuous casting and rolling production line was carefully leveled using iron pads. The assembly of the casting machine flow groove was another crucial step accomplished during this timeframe.


Between May 2nd and May 6th, the interior and exterior walls of the reverberatory furnaces were laid, with a focus on laying interior furnace bricks made of magnesia. Simultaneously, the construction of the chimney base and the lifting and welding of the furnace doors were completed. Additionally, the casting machine's water cooling system assembly, platform welding, and partial pouring of the rolling mill base were accomplished.


Continuing their dedicated efforts from May 8th to May 13th, the construction team successfully erected the chimney steel frame, constructed the interior furnace, and completed the construction of the alcohol cooling reduction column and alcohol reduction rack. The chimney's construction was finalized, including the arched slag opening on the top of the furnace. Moreover, the single-furnace reverberatory furnace was topped, and the alcohol reduction pipes were laid.

The project approached its conclusion from May 15th to May 19th, with the completion of the capping of both reflector furnaces and the link flue of the reflector furnaces. With the construction of the reverberatory furnaces completed as of May 20th, 2023, the focus has shifted to the continuous installation and commissioning of the CCR line.


Despite the challenges faced during the construction process, HONOR METAL's diligent efforts, in collaboration with the factory, have ensured the successful installation and commissioning of the copper rod continuous casting and rolling production line. This achievement stands as a testament to HONOR METAL's commitment to providing reliable and efficient solutions to its customers worldwide.