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Algeria CCR Line Successfully Put Into Production


With the development of the economy, technologies such as energy, electricity, and electrical appliances have developed by leaps and bounds. As a raw material for wire and cable production, the demand for copper rods is increasing, providing a once-in-a-lifetime development opportunity for the copper processing industry market.


A customer in Algeria was planning to build a copper rod production plant after discovering the huge potential. After the introduction of friends and own preliminary inspection, the customer chose to contact us.

At beginning, engineers from HONOR METAL North Africa branch visited the customer and wanted to know their specific production needs and site conditions. The engineer found that the customer was not very clear about the raw materials and production process used in the production. Our engineer gave a detailed introduction to it, including the selection of raw materials, the process flow and function of each step. And send him the video of the CCR project we dealt with before as a reference to help him understand the composition of the entire production line more intuitively.

Finally, the customer purchased our copper rod continuous casting and rolling(CCR) line on October 15, 2020.

It only took two months from production, inspection to available for delivery. This fast production delivery capability fully reflects our strict control of the production process, saving a lot of waiting time for our customers.

In October 2021, our engineers flew from China to Algeria to help customers install a 30T reverberatory furnace. Our engineers were very professional and completed the installation of the reverberatory furnace in less than a month.

In November 2021, the engineers responsible for the installation and commissioning of the production line flew to Algeria. They are all top engineers in China, with rich experience and excellent technology, and the entire production line was quickly installed.


Recently, the customer has carried out the trial production of the continuous casting and rolling production line(CCR line). During the trial production, the scene was full of passion. The personnel in the furnace and casting area warmed the short ingots and were responsible for transporting the short ingots to the rolling mill. The rolling mill take-up personnel prepared the short ingots for rolling, and carried out the take-up processing operation. With the joint efforts of all personnel, copper The billet is heated to about 850℃ in the down launder and sent to the rolling mill. The rolling mill and take-up line are all adjusted according to the normal production conditions. Under the guidance of HONOR METAL experienced engineers, the customer successfully produced high-quality copper rods and successfully completed the Trial production of CCR production line.

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HONOR METAL copper rod continuous casting and rolling(CCR) line can make 60% first-grade copper and 40% second-grade copper into 8mm long-length bright low-oxygen copper rods. The equipment is large in size and high in precision, and the copper products produced can meet the world's top indicators such as oxygen content, electrical conductivity, softness, and elongation. At the same time, we also have a team of experienced engineers who can assist customers in installation, commissioning and trial production, helping customers to enter production smoothly.