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Order of Auxiliary Equipment and Testing Equipment for Copper Rod CCR Line


With the shipment of the copper rod CCR production line, we then sent out the auxiliary equipment and testing equipment for copper CCR line to our new Algerian customer.

Honor Metal wants express our appreciation for the trust from our new friend. During the whole cooperation, both of us including our Algeria branch colleagues pay a high attention to every detail form different point of view to contributed to the accomplishment of the order.

Actually, we received the copper rod CCR order in October 2020. Since then, we have stepped up production and delivered the cargoes on time. At present, the goods of this entire copper rod CCR production line has arrived at the customer's factory. Then we made a list of testing equipment and auxiliary equipment according to our customers’ needs for production line, which played a very important role during the production.

Among them, the testing equipment includes the detection of oxygen content of copper rods, the detection of metal elements in copper rods and various tensile and bending tests. And the auxiliary equipment includes devices that provide compressed air and cooling water for the normal operation of the production line, provide sufficient oxygen for the full combustion of the reverberatory furnace, and pack waste cables, etc. After our customer confirmed the order, we immediately arranged production, and completed the production and pre-delivere inspection in just one month. At present, all the goods have been loaded on the ship waiting to be sailed, and all the equipment will arrive at the customer's factory in more than a month. Following are some photos when we made the loading into the containers, due to the large amount of goods, we deliberately made very good reinforcement measures when packing to ensure the safety of equipment in long-distance shipping, please check for your reference:


(The dilivery pictures of auxiliary equipment and testing equipment for Copper Rod CCR Line)

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