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Company Introduction

Most experienced metal heat treatment furnace and casting line supplier


The establishment of Honor Metal stems from the profound development history of LINT TOP. Over the past 20 years, LINT TOP has developed steadily and accumulated rich experience, especially in the field of continuous casting and rolling business.

In order to better respond to market demand, improve service levels, and demonstrate excellent professional strength in the metal heat treatment furnace and casting equipment, Honor Metal came into being.

Honor Metal was established to provide excellent metal heat treatment and processing solutions, especially in the processing of copper and aluminum. Honor Metal adheres to the craftsmanship spirit of excellence, provides industry-leading metal heat treatment furnace and casting equipment, and improves professional process technology and service processes to protect customer success.

Project Introduction

Honor Metal has 20 years of deep experience in the field of copper and aluminum rod production. With excellent team and advanced technology as the cornerstone, we have successfully delivered several projects in North Africa, South America, Europe and other regions. In our constant pursuit of excellence, we are always committed to driving the development of the industry and setting new benchmarks.


Service Process

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  • 1

    Demand Analysis and Consultation:

    Do you have a preliminary idea about copper/aluminum rods? Contact our technical team to establish your needs, objectives and expected outputs for your copper rod project and we will provide you with expert advice.

  • 2

    Process design and program development:

    Develop a comprehensive process design, including plant layout, equipment selection, project schedule planning, etc., to meet your production requirements.

  • 3

    Equipment manufacturing and customization:

    We can provide highly customized furnaces and casting and rolling equipment to ensure that they can be adapted to the specific requirements of your project.

  • 4

    Electromechanical components:

    We integrate professional electromechanical components to ensure smooth operation of equipment, to achieve the best performance, and to help you achieve efficient production.

  • 5

    Shipping and transportation:

    The logistics department fully coordinates the transportation company, freight forwarder, customs, port and other departments, and continuously follows up the trajectory of the goods, reminding customers to clear customs and pick up the goods in time. Ensure that customers receive the safest and most efficient transportation services.

  • 6

    Installation and commissioning:

    We will send engineers to your factory site for equipment installation and commissioning, to ensure that the equipment can run smoothly and produce qualified copper rod/aluminum rod finished products.

  • 7

    Training and technical support:

    We will arrange the chief engineer to train the engineers and operators of your factory, including raw material ratio, equipment maintenance, production process control, etc. What's more, the chief engineer can combine years of field work experience to provide early training and guidance on the problems you may encounter in subsequent production.

  • 8

    Project delivery:

    After the project experience is qualified, the two parties sign the acceptance report and mark the completion of the project.

  • 9

    Maintenance and other value-added services:

    To provide you with after-sales maintenance services to extend the service life of the equipment. If you need other services such as technical consultation, equipment upgrades, capacity expansion, etc., HONOR METAL can also provide further services.

Service Team

  • 659e3b4zr7
    • Name: Simba
    • Position: Sales manager
    • Brief introduction: simba is the manager of our team and has 17 years of experience in the copper and aluminium rod production industry. He has successfully guided HONOR METAL to success with excellent leadership and strategic vision. In his past project experience, Simba has mainly held roles as sales manager and project management.
    • 2019-12: Malaysia CCR Project
      2018-7: Algeria Dispatch of Electrical Aging Treatment Furnace Project
      2021-1: Algeria CCR Project
      2023-3: Bahrain Smelting Furnace

  • logo1aiq
    • Name: Amy M
    • Position: Sales
    • Brief introduction: Engaged in the metal rod industry for nearly 10 years, she possesses extensive experience in operating metal rod production equipment. She has successfully exported equipment to various countries, including Canada, Ukraine, Indonesia, Algeria, Bangladesh, South Africa, Brazil, Nigeria, Moldova, Jordan, and more.
    • Personal Achievement: Achieved individual project record-high performance, reaching nearly 20 million Chinese Yuan.
  • 659e3b4mab
    • Name: Davis
    • Position: Sales
    • Brief introduction: Davis is a sales in our team with 5 years of experience in the copper and aluminium rod production industry. In his past project experience, Davis has mainly worked as a sales engineer and project management role.
    • 2021: Customised metal rod production solutions for several customers and successfully signed several customers.
      2022: Upgrade to carry out project management and advance the project smoothly.
      2023: Successfully delivered the copper rod CCR project in Malaysia.


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