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Delivery of the Copper Rod CCR line to Algeria


Honor Metal here announce that we just delivered a copper rod continuous casting and rolling line to Algeria.

This project took only a few weeks from the beginning negotiation to the establishment of the order. Although our customers could not come to China to inspect our factory and check our equipment due to the pandemic of COVID-19. But we tried our best to show the equipment features, technical parameters, etc as detailed as possible during the communication process. After several rounds of communication, we revised the technical offer for several times. Finally, we reached an agreement and the order was established. Here, we would like to thank our customer for their high recognition.

After the order is established, we made the design and production which only took 2 months according to the both-agreed technical offer. Although the delivery time is short, we have not neglected any production details through the whole time. From the customers' urgent order to the rapid production, we can see the determination of customers on this production line and the determination of customers to quickly occupy the market share. In order to help our customer, we paid high attention on this copper rod CCR line order.

Shortly after placing the order for the production line, we made a detailed introduction to the auxiliary equipment and testing equipment required for the production line with the customer, and made a quotation. Thanks again for their trust in us, we got the order and are stepping up production.

Now the containers (6*20GP+5*40HQ) of the copper rod CCR line have already dispatched from TIANJIN port of China, the ship will arrive to SKIKDA port in early March. Following are some loading photos for your reference:


Recently, we will instruct our customer to further plan the plant, after this CCR line arrived, we will send engineers to carry out on-site installation and commissioning. Although the goods have been shipped, our cooperation with the customer has just begun.